About Me



I'm Alexis, I'm the owner and chef of Devil's Decadence.

 I'm a qualified commercial chef and just before I opened Devil's Decadence I qualified as a patisserie chef!

I started Devil's because, at the time, I didn't have a job and was finding it difficult to secure employment. I had recently been diagnosed with Coeliac disease in 2016 and decided that it was going to work in my favour rather than bring me down. Many people said gluten free in general taste like cardboard, is too dry or to crumbly, no flavour (we've heard it all right?) So I put my patisserie skills to the test and decided to open Devil's Decadence with the help of my family (fun fact: my Mum was the one who came up with my logo!)
At first I didn't know what direction to go in, I was still doing products with normal flours for regular customers. Then as I became more accustomed to my business I realized that not only for myself but for other coeliac's that Devil's needed to be 100% gluten free. Thus I developed all new recipes, including dairy free and eventually vegan ones, in the hopes of catering to a wider range of dietary requirements and allergies.


Now I specialize in buttercream and fondant cakes made custom for each order. I can make almost anything out of fondant, if I can't, I'll make it out of modeling chocolate! (YUM)

I'm taking a break from markets at the moment, I'd like to focus more on custom cakes and orders so I'm more readily available to you!
I do have delivery specials and weekend menu's that pop up on occasion so follow me on my socials for updates!