Frequently Asked Questions 

Are you Coeliac Safe?
Yes! I run a 100% gluten free kitchen. I am Coeliac myself so I understand the risks of even the tiniest crumb of gluten and want to ensure that my customers have a safe and happy experience when ordering with Devil's Decadence.

Where are you located and can I pick up?
I am located south of Perth in Baldivis, Western Australia. I do offer pick ups but am not always available so please ask before hand to secure a time. I also offer pick up's from my market stalls, keep up to date with my market locations by following me on Facebook and Instagram!

Do you make 'normal' cakes?
No! I am an all gluten free kitchen, so you won't find any wheat based flours here!

Do you Deliver?
Yes! I deliver from Two Rocks to Mandurah. I charge a delivery fee ranging from $20-$60 depending on how far and how long it will take to get there. As I am based in Baldivis, if your suburb is located within the Rockingham Council, you get delivery free!
Please see more about delivery in the Terms and Conditions.

Do you have vegan/dairy free options?
Yes! I have a wide variety of vegan, egg free and dairy free flavours to choose from.

How long do your products last?
I always recommend eating my products with in 2 days but they can be stretched to 3. All my cakes, cupcakes and slices are shelf stable and can be stored in their packaging in a cool dark place, like a pantry. Once cut, the cake will need a small bit of cling film over the now exposed section to lock in the freshness. I have had customers in the past microwave their cake for a few seconds to bring it back to life, and honestly, who can blame them? warm cake and ice cream is the best way to finish of a working week!

Do you make Wedding cakes?
Yes! I can custom your cake to fit in with your perfect day. I recommend securing your order as soon as possible or at least 3-4 months before your wedding.

When should I order?
AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! I sometimes get some late comers and if your lucky I can squeeze you in but please, please, please order as soon as you can. I've noticed in recent months that I'm filling up quite fast so to ensure you get your custom cake/cupcakes please order a minimum 2-3 months in advance!

Do I need a deposit?
Yes, I require a 50% deposit for all orders. This needs to be paid within 24 hours of an invoice being issued, through direct deposit. The remainder of the balance can be paid upfront but must be paid 14 days prior to your order date, if your order is over $300 then the balance must be paid 30 days prior to the order date. The deposit goes towards any decorations or packaging that is required for your order. 

What happens if I cancel my order?
Please see my Terms and Conditions for cancelled orders. 

When is my order confirmed?
Your order is not confirmed until an invoice is issued and a 50% has been paid!!
Please reply to any messages regarding delivery cost, decoration  and other changes etc. When people don't reply, I will just assume you don't want the order. A lot of people inquire and don't end up messaging back, so it's no use to me chasing up every person who doesn't reply, or doesn't make it clear that they are actually interested.  
A quote is not an invoice!!
I'll send an 'official' quote through once we've discussed basic pricing, this does not confirm your order either! It must be an invoice. 
So unless you actually get an Invoice and your deposit is paid please do not assume that your order is confirmed!